United States of Banana @ Columbia Stages


Here are photos by Carol Rosegg of the theater production of United States of Banana, directed and adapted by Juan Pablo Felix and produced by Grace Denoncourt for Columbia Stages, June 2015.

The Cast:  Giannina was played by Angela Sperazza, Hamlet by Raphael Corkhill, Zarathustra by Tauriq Jenkins, Gertrude by Hadley Boyd, Segismundo by Juan Arturo Villar-Ojito, Statue of Liberty by Alicia Giangrisotomi, Prisoners by George Hider, Charles Young, Ethan Nguyen, and Kristoffer Infante. Set design by You-Shen Chen.

Act I: Burial of the Sardine (at the Fulton Market post 911)

Act II: American Passport (in the dungeon under the skirt of the Statue of Liberty)

Act III:  The Wedding of the Century

Act IV: The Coronation (In the Crown of the Statue of Liberty)


Curtain Call (Hamlet played by Raphael Corkhill invites Giannina Braschi to the stage)